Bradford Alden Evans Memorial Nursing Scholarship

In 2006, Mrs. Dorothy Evans established a memorial scholarship to celebrate the life and memory of her husband, Lt. Col. Bradford Alden Evans. The Bradford Alden Evans Memorial Nursing Scholarship is awarded annually to an Associate Degree in Nursing or Practical Nursing student who has demonstrated potential for success; student must demonstrate financial need.

Mr. Evans was born in Boston and raised in the San Francisco area. He graduated from the College of San Mateo and earned his bachelor’s and master’s degrees with honors from Boston University. He also graduated from the Air Force Command and Staff College.

During World War II, Evans served in the North African and Italian campaigns and was the commanding officer of the 96th “Red Devils” Squadron of the 2nd Bombardment Group. He commanded and was the lead pilot of the Mediterranean Allied Air Force bombing of the historic Monte Casino monastery in Italy. He was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross for his role in the mission. Evans also served tours of duty in the Pentagon as a planning officer, in Korea on the United Nations staff at the Panmunjom truce talks and in Cape Canaveral, Fla., as an international relations officer. He retired from the Air Force with the rank of lieutenant colonel.

Evans then joined NASA Ames as a public information officer in 1962. Ames colleagues remember him as an outgoing man who led the center’s new efforts in public affairs during the decade when preparations for the nation’s moon landing were at their peak.