Barbara Hatcher Endowed Scholarship Fund

Jack and Nell Hatchers’ connection to Sandhills Community College began in the early 1990’s when they reached out to a young man who was working for them helping to tend their yard at their home in Pinehurst. He was struggling to make ends meet, and the Hatchers asked him if there was any way they could help him, and he said he was trying to complete his Turf Management degree at Sandhills Community College. The Hatchers offered to help sponsor him, and he became the first of many others who would benefit from the Hatcher’s generosity through the Sandhills Community College Scholarship Program.

A relatively small amount of money can make an immense difference,that is what has always impressed the Hatcher family the most when giving to scholarships for students at Sandhills Community College. In addition to the named scholarships the Hatchers have established, they have also been very generous supporters of the SCC Guarantors Program. They believe strongly in the importance of a quality education in both changing people’s lives and improving the community where they live.

Established in 2009, The Hatcher Family Endowed Scholarships are named after Jack and Nell’s four children, Tere, Barbara, Jack, Jr., and Hayley, as well as for Nell herself. The Hatcher Family Endowed Scholarships are awarded annually to deserving students enrolling full-time in any degree program. Selection is based on merit, need and potential for success. Students may receive the scholarship for a second year if qualified.

Jack and Nell Hatcher