The Weiss Family

The Weiss Family

Their belief that “education is the basis of everything” inspired Mr. and Mrs. William Weiss to make available scholarships to deserving students at Sandhills.

The couple were met at their alma mater, Penn State, where he was an engineering student, and she was a math major.

“You could say we fell in love over differential equations,” said William Weiss.

Formerly Pinehurst residents who now reside in Florida, the Weiss’ son Dave is their point person for the 20 scholarships that are generated each year by his parents’ generosity.

“My parents lived in Pinehurst for 25 years, and were influenced to make this contribution by their many friends and contacts who were associated with Sandhills,” said Dave Weiss.

The Breakthrough Scholars Program funds 10 scholarships for engineering students and an additional 10 for college transfer students annually. Preference is given to students who
demonstrate financial need and who are first-generation college students.

“This is a selfish program,” said Bill Weiss, who commented that he and his wife Jo like to see students succeed, and that they get much more out of the program than their scholarship

Jo Weiss agreed with her husband, saying, “We feel it provides an opportunity that people wouldn’t be having otherwise.”

Photo: Dave Weiss