Fred and Cornelia Bentley

Fred and Cornelia Bentley

A common love of classical music and a fascinating life
abroad characterized the union of Fred and Cornelia Bentley.

After serving in WWII, Fred was appointed the post-war
responsibility of transferring all demilitarized American
equipment to the Germans as part of the Marshall Plan to
stimulate the German economy.

A stint in Berlin with the U.S. State Department brought
Cornelia to Germany, and her introduction to Fred came
during a vacation in Munich. The discovery of their joint
affection for classical music led to a courtship, followed by a
Parisian marriage and a honeymoon on the Riviera. The
Bentleys spent 17 years of their married life in Europe.

Cornelia’s interest in the arts expanded beyond music, and
she became an avid collector of paintings and antiques. The
couple settled in Whispering Pines, where the Bentley’s
relationship with Sandhills first began with Cornelia’s
enrollment in continuing education courses at the college.

When she passed away in 1998, Mr. Bentley sought a way
to honor her.

As a consequence of his benefaction, second-year classical
music students at Sandhills have the opportunity to
compete for the Cornelia M. Bentley Endowed Classical
Music Scholarship. Providing financial support for
tuition, books and other costs, the scholarship is awarded
annually to a student who exhibits strong vocal or
instrumental talent or who is considering a performing career in
classical music.