Doug and Loraine Edwards

Doug and Loraine Edwards

Michael Douglas Edwards was born to Doug and Loraine Edwards on July 25th, 1984 in Moore County, North Carolina. He was gifted with two wonderful older brothers, Joseph and Lucas.

Mike grew up with the childhood every boy should have. Spending most of his life living outside of Whispering Pines, Michael enjoyed spending time with his family and friends, riding motorbikes and four-wheelers, playing computer games, practicing his marksmanship, swimming, and playing role-playing games.

Mike had a jolly charm and natural charisma that grew on everyone that came to know him. He possessed a quick wit and a cleverness that always made him the center of conversation in a group. He could tell a tall-tale or joke that was sure to make everyone present laugh and smile. Michael was also the first one to offer help when something needed to be done or a friend needed help.

Unlike so many teenagers, Michael knew what he wanted to be “when he grew-up”. Michael wanted to be a master chef. He would often prepare appetizers or delicacies that would bring a little class to any gathering or party. When Michael graduated Union Pines High School, he enrolled in the Culinary Arts Program at Sandhills Community College. He earned high marks the first year of the program, and it made him proud.

The Michael Douglas Edwards Endowed Scholarship was established in 2003 by his parents in celebration of Michael’s life and memory, and his dream of pursuing a career in the Culinary Arts. Michael unexpectedly passed away shortly before his 19th birthday. He was preparing to enter his sophomore year of the Sandhills Community College Culinary Arts program. Michael loved the program and looked forward to a future making others happy with his creations. Michael’s parents created this scholarship endowment in a hope that the passion their son felt for cooking can live forever in the hearts and minds of other young men and women.