Brigadier General Clarence and Linda Lindsey

Brigadier General Clarence and Linda Lindsey

Reflecting on my 40 years in the nursing profession with fondness and gratitude, I am struck with the impact that my nursing school days had on my career and in formulating many of life’s critical decisions. I graduated from a three-year nursing program and continued my education achieving a BS and Masters Degree in Health Care Administration. I loved every minute of it.

My husband, Brigadier General Clarence Lindsey (Ret. USAF) was born in Texas and spent 30 years traveling the world.
Clarence often said if people didn’t help him he never would have achieved the level of success that he did. We have enjoyed passing on the thoughtfulness and kindnesses shown to us.

Clarence and I hope you will achieve your dream and dedicate yourself to the nursing profession and to those committed to your care.


1) Deserving First or Second year fully enrolled ADN student; 2) may demonstrate financial need; 3) must maintain at least 2.5 GPA; 4) First year students may receive second year if qualified.